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City of Hamilton responds to deteriorating situation at Emerald Lodge Residential Care Facility

HAMILTON, ON - The City is responding to a deteriorating situation at Emerald Lodge Residential Care Facility (RCF). Throughout the week the situation at Emerald Lodge has become increasingly untenable and unsafe for residents and staff. This afternoon – at the request of the Receiver for the Lodge (Grant Thornton) – the City will begin the orderly and safe relocation of Emerald Lodge residents.

The approximately 35 residents will initially be moved to the former Cathedral Boys School for assessment. The City will then be working with service partners in the community to assess and ensure the individual needs of residents are met and find long-term housing alternatives.

Following the announcement that Emerald Lodge was in receivership, additional inspections of the Lodge were conducted this month by the City's Licensing and Bylaw Services, Public Health Services and Fire Divisions. Serious concerns included the absence of on-site management supervision of the facility; the state of repair of the facility; the safety and security of staff and residents; staffing levels; inadequate infection prevention and control measures; and, the overall inability of the operator to meet the complex needs of residents. These inspections resulted in several Orders and notice to the operator that the RCF licence would not be renewed at end of the month.

Emerald Lodge is currently owned and was operated by a numbered company (Stefanie Martino is the Director and Officer), however a Receiver, Grant Thornton Limited, has been appointed. Today, the receiver terminated the operator of the Lodge.

City of Hamilton Orders and notices:

  • On October 1, upon inspection Licensing and Bylaw Services issued Orders to the operator related to property standards with a deadline of November 27, 2020 to address property deficiencies.
  • October 10, the Hamilton Fire Department completed a general inspection of the property which resulted in the issuing of Fire Code Orders to address maintenance and record keeping deficiencies.
  • October 11, Public Health Services issued an HPPA Section 13 Order for pest infestation in a food storage area and Section 22 Order to address infection prevention and control deficiencies.
  • October 21, Licensing and Bylaw Services issued notice to the operator that the RCF licence would not be renewed at end of the month due to the numerous property standards, public health and fire concerns as well as lack of management supervision on site. The license is set to expire October 31, 2020.   

The City will provide further updates in the coming days.