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City of Hamilton supports Ontario’s Provincial Seatbelt Campaign September 28 to October 7

HAMILTON, ON – September 28, 2016 - The City of Hamilton’s Strategic Road Safety Committee is encouraging everyone to be aware of the importance of wearing a seatbelt as part of Ontario’s 2016 Provincial Seatbelt Campaign.

All Ontario drivers and passengers must, by law, wear a properly adjusted and securely fastened seatbelt or if a child is not old or big enough to wear one, the driver must ensure the child is properly secured in a child car seat or booster seat. Statistics show that when people wear seatbelts properly they are more likely to survive a crash. Ontario’s seatbelt law has strengthened the provinces road safety record.

“The Hamilton Strategic Road Safety Committee is committed to the safety of all road users in the City of Hamilton,“ said David Ferguson, Public Works Traffic Engineering Superintendent for the City of Hamilton. “Collision statistics in the City of Hamilton show over 95% of incidents that occur on our roadways involve a motor vehicle. The use of seatbelts and other safety devices in vehicles can decrease the potential for serious injury or a fatality even when travelling at a low vehicle speed. We hope this campaign will help to raise awareness about the dangers of not wearing the proper safety device and help ensure that our residents are safe on roadways regardless of where they are travelling."

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