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City of Hamilton - Transit Division begins a comprehensive community engagement campaign to (Re)envision the HSR

Hamilton, ON - On Tuesday January 22nd, 2019, the City of Hamilton’s Transit Division begins a comprehensive community engagement campaign to (Re)envision the HSR. We want to hear from as many of our past, current and potential customers as possible to hear what they have to say about this important city-building initiative, and to learn what they need from our transit service today and in the future.

We’re starting with a survey designed by world-class experts at McMaster University to measure the perceived and desired quality of our transit service. We’ll be sharing the survey on social media and through print and digital advertisements. The theme of our communications is “my HSR,” tapping into the very personal connection our residents have with all things Hamilton, plus the significant contribution that the HSR has made in Hamilton over the last 146 years as a pillar of community mobility.

This campaign is about more than just our transit network. It marks a new way of working at the HSR. We’re bringing the voice of our customers into our planning and design practices, to make transit a first choice.

How can we make transit your first choice? Let’s start a conversation! Please visit to take the survey.

Questions and feedback about (Re)envision the HSR can be sent to our Customer Experience & Innovation team at [email protected]

Background: Re(envision) the HSR

Through this engagement campaign we aim to:

  1. Understand our current and potential customers (winter 2019)
    Collect the voice of our customers through a comprehensive survey of a wide range of Hamilton residents, measuring their perceived and desired quality for HSR service.
  2. Consult, deliberate and collaborate with Hamilton’s many communities (spring/summer 2019)
    Engage in meaningful community-by-community discussions to review potential design configurations at the local level, building public confidence and gathering actionable customer and resident input.
  3. Design and reconfigure our network (fall/winter 2019)
    Propose a multi-criteria reconfiguration of HSR service based on evidence from data collection and modelling efforts.
  4. Provide recommendations to Council (spring 2020)
    Report to Council in spring 2020 with the recommended network reconfiguration.