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City issues trespass orders to people camping at City Hall

Hamilton, ON – Starting this morning, City By-law officers will be attending the demonstration in the City Hall forecourt to check on compliance with the Field Orders issued to demonstrators last week and require removal of any tents, structures or equipment.

If a person refuses to comply with the order and removal requirement, a Trespass Notice will be issued to them.

By-law officers officially notified individuals on the forecourt last Thursday that tents and other structures needed to be removed from City Hall by 11:59 pm last night.

Trespass notices give By-law officers and the Hamilton Police Service the authority to remove tents and other structures and any owner or occupier of the tents who refuse to remove them.

The trespass order aims to further encourage demonstrators to comply with City by-laws, which prohibit tents or other structures on City property. The City will also continue to enforce provincial COVID-19 orders, prohibiting outdoor gatherings of more than 25 people.

Over the past week, the demonstration in front of City Hall has resulted in crowds of more than 75 people on several occasions, the presence of approximately 18 tents or other structures on the forecourt, an assault with a metal bar captured on City Hall CCTV camera, and two overdoses which paramedics responded to.

Over the weekend, the Mayor and City Manager offered to meet the organizers of the demonstration in City Hall to discuss their issues and concerns, which was not accepted. Demonstrators were also provided with information on how they could present their concerns to City Council through the City’s delegation process.

The City remains supportive of people's right to demonstrate in front of City Hall, provided they adhere to COVID-19 restrictions and adhere to municipal by-laws.