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City kicks off annual Vision Zero campaign with focus on roundabouts

HAMILTON, ON - Beginning this month, the City of Hamilton and Hamilton Police Services are launching an education campaign to remind residents about the rules of the roundabout. Throughout the month of February, the City will be sharing tips for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists about how to safely use and share a roundabout.

Motorists should slow down, watch for pedestrians and cyclists, and enter only when there is a safe gap in traffic. Choose the lane that corresponds with your intended exit and never pass another vehicle in the roundabout.

Pedestrians should only cross when there are no vehicles or cyclists in the roundabout, and never cross using the centre island. Cyclists should operate using the same protocol as vehicles. If cyclists do not feel comfortable with the rules of the roundabout, they should dismount and cross as a pedestrian.

Roundabouts offer a safe and efficient alternative to two and four-way stops. For more details about the benefits of roundabouts, and how to use one properly, visit:

Quick facts:

  • As part of the Vision Zero Action Plan, the City collaborates with Hamilton Police Services on monthly education campaigns focused on transforming roadway safety with a simple goal: zero fatalities or serious injuries on roadways.
  • Vision Zero emphasizes safe speeds, safe roads, safe vehicles and safe drivers.
  • The annual campaign will focus on different theme areas each month, including distracted driving, safe speeds, community safety zones, and more.

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