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City launches Open Hamilton, a new Open Data Portal for the community

Hamilton, ON – The City of Hamilton is improving its Open Data experience by launching a new Open Data portal – Open Hamilton. Accessing City data is now faster, easier and more user friendly.

Searching, filtering and viewing data are new features. This new functionality will also help the community understand the information through new display tools such as mapping, dashboards and more.

The portal provides a solid foundation for the City to continue expanding the Open Data program. The new tools can be used to turn open data into information for the broader community.

Tell us what you think. The City is encouraging the community to visit and provide feedback on what new data should be added next, what other information they would like available, and what they would like mapped or displayed.  

All of the data previously available on has moved to the new Open Hamilton portal.

“Developing an Open Data program has been an important focus for Council. I am pleased to see the progress as this new portal is an important step forward in both our digital journey and improving the ways we share data and information with our community.”- Mayor Fred Eisenberger

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