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City reminding residents to swap, share and repair during Waste Reduction Week

HAMILTON, ON -This week, as part of Waste Reduction Week the City of Hamilton is reminding residents about how they can make environmentally conscious choices every day.

Residents can stay informed and choose alternative options when disposing their waste by:

  • Reducing plastic: Swap single use items for products that can be reused, refurbished and dismantled. Making simple changes in every day life can make a big difference in reducing a plastic footprint.
  • Shopping smart: Extend the life of clothes through donating gently used items, and repurposing fabric. Shop second hand for items like accessories, appliances and furniture.
  • Planning ahead: Make a grocery list, plan meals and get creative with leftovers to reduce food waste.
  • Recycling electronic waste: When disposing e-waste or other household hazardous waste, be sure to recycle properly at a City Community Recycling Centre.


To learn more about the City of Hamilton’s waste reduction strategies, visit:

Waste reduction education


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