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City seeking public feedback on Pier 7 & 8 Development Application

HAMILTON, ON – August 16, 2016 – The City of Hamilton’s Waterfront Development Office has applied to amend a zoning by-law and submitted a draft plan of subdivision for city-owned lands located at Piers 6, 7 and 8 (65 Guise Street East) in Hamilton.

The public have an opportunity to have their say on the application and the City’s proposed land uses for the West Harbor community before a report is prepared for Council consideration this fall. Attend Conversation Couch on Thursday, August 18. Further engagement opportunities coming in Fall 2016.

Purpose and effect of applications

Zoning By-law Amendment

  • To rezone the lands to allow development of a mixed-use area consisting of commercial, residential, institutional and parkland uses.
  • To permit medium density dwelling types of varying densities and building heights, in addition to mixed-use buildings with commercial and community uses.
  • To permit the creation of public open spaces including a gateway park, waterfront park and greenways.

Draft Plan of Subdivision

  • To allow for the creation of:
    • Eight (8) development blocks intended for residential and mixed use development
    • Two (2) blocks for institutional uses
    • Two (2) open space blocks
    • One (1) open space / institutional block
    • One (1) block for waterfront commercial uses.
  • To also establish the public street road pattern and four (4) blocks for utility purposes

Review the Pier 7 and 8 Draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning application documents.

Feedback opportunities

Conversation Couch

A “conversation couch” is taking place this Thursday, August 18 at the Evergreen Community Storefront (294 James St N) from 3:30 to 5:30 pm. Edward John, Housing and West Harbour Planner, will chat about the next steps in the Pier 7 and 8 redevelopment process and answer any questions related to housing, inclusionary zoning or any other planning and development questions.

If you are unable to attend this session, comments or questions about the application can be submitted to:
Edward John
Phone: 905-546-2424 Ext. 5803
Email: [email protected]

Public engagement events

The City of Hamilton’s Waterfront Development Office is offering further public engagement opportunities in the fall of 2016.

Learn more about the events

These events are continually updated - please check back often or join our mailing list.

About the Waterfront Redevelopment Project

The City of Hamilton’s waterfront redevelopment positions the community to meet the cultural and recreational needs of a growing city. Over the last three decades, investments are helping to transform this area into a genuine public space for people to live, work, and play. The next five years will see great change along the waterfront. The West Harbour community will turn into a vibrant, mixed-use, transit-supportive and pedestrian-friendly place.

Plans include:

  • Developing cultural, commercial and recreational uses
  • Providing a greater range of attractions year-round
  • Bringing economic opportunity through new construction, employment, tourism and cultural and commercial development

For more information about the Hamilton Waterfront, visit