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City stressing defensive driving during pothole season

HAMILTON, ON – Due to recent temperature fluctuations and freeze-thaw cycles, Hamilton streets are likely to see an increase in potholes.

While roads crews are addressing potholes through their regular programs of patrol and maintenance, driving defensively will greatly decrease the chances of a pothole causing damage to your vehicle.

Follow these key tips to avoid potholes and associated damages:

  • Reduce speed and follow other vehicles at a safe distance so you can clearly see the pavement ahead
  • Pay very close attention to road conditions with your sightline beyond the hood of your vehicle, using quick glances for road hazards
  • Keep your vehicle thoroughly clear of snow, ice, and mud
  • Ensure tires are properly inflated with sufficient tread
  • Keep two hands on the steering wheel in the proper driving position
  • Where possible maintain a zone of free space around your vehicle
  • If you are about to hit a pothole slow down as much as possible but let off the brakes before contact with the pothole
  • Be aware that puddles are often water filled potholes
  • Ensure your windshield wipers are in good condition and free of ice
  • Ensure your washer fluid is full and that the jets are not blocked
  • Ensure your headlights are working and clean

Residents and motorists are asked to report potholes by contacting the City’s Customer Contact Centre at 905-546-2489. When reporting potholes, residents are asked to provide detailed information such as location (street addresses or intersections) and estimated size of the pothole.

Defensive driving is about preparation, awareness, and avoidance! Stop accidents before they stop you!