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Electric Bus Testing

Hamilton, ON -  Starting this week, we began testing an electric bus, operating on various routes across the city. This model is one of three that HSR will be testing over the next few months.

HSR’s current CNG fleet is one of the cleanest in Canada, and testing is crucial as we prepare for future procurement and what the integration of electric technology into our current fleet looks like. Investigating and testing this new technology is an opportunity for the City of Hamilton to see possible greater potential benefits that may include: reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; improved customer and bus operator experience by reducing ambient noise, exhaust odours, vibration as well as creating smooth acceleration; operating savings as a result of less maintenance due to the lack of engine, transmission, intake exhaust or cooling system.

The possible addition of Electric buses is supportive of the development of renewable resources which support the City of Hamilton’s priorities.

The electric bus will not be in service, instead, shadowing existing buses on a proposed itinerary that provides for different route geography, including three different escarpment crossings, long and short-range route options, different spans of operation to test battery drain, as well as reaching as many different areas of the city that residents may benefit from a less intrusive vehicle.

Project background

  • At the March 19, 2018 Public Works Committee meeting, a motion by Mayor Eisenberger was put forward directing staff to investigate, and possibly test, electric buses in preparation for future procurement, and report back (to the Public Works Committee).
  • The City of Hamilton’s mission is to provide high quality, cost conscious public services that contribute to a healthy, safe and prosperous community in a sustainable manner.
  • The City of Hamilton’s priority of Clean and Green supports that Hamilton is environmentally sustainable with a healthy balance of natural and urban spaces.
  • The City of Hamilton’s priority of Built Environment and Infrastructure is supported by state of the art infrastructure, transportation options, buildings and public spaces that create a dynamic city.
  • Currently there are two types of electric bus technologies available in the market, being an on-route charging system and an off-route charging system, and there is no clear industry preference for either charging system.