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Hamilton parks and recreation properties are smoke and vape free beginning July 1

HAMILTON, ON – Yesterday evening, Hamilton City Council approved amendments to the City’s By-law No. 11-080 making all city parks, recreation centre and arena property including dog parks, sports fields, outdoor pools, beaches, as well as some trails in Hamilton smoke and vape-free beginning July 1, 2019. 

These new rules are meant to protect residents from second-hand smoke and vape from tobacco and cannabis, avoid litter in our green spaces, improve fire safety, provide positive role modelling for youth, as well as support those who have quit smoking. The aim is to create a consistency across all parks and recreation properties in Hamilton, which will increase clarity and understanding about smoke and vape-free areas.

In consideration of these changes, the City of Hamilton surveyed 991 residents who use recreation facilities in addition to sport organizations who use City of Hamilton facilities. The results suggest a high degree of support for prohibiting smoking cannabis and vaping at parks and recreation facilities. A progressive enforcement model will be used through this change, initially focusing on building public awareness and education about the by-law. Following the initial education phase, charges could result for individuals found to be smoking or vaping within a City-owned park or recreation property.

The City of Hamilton’s commitment to creating smoke and vape-free public spaces plays an important role in supporting the City’s Strategic Plan by contributing to a safe and supportive city where people are active, healthy, and have a high quality of life. 

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