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HSRnow is a suite of products that provide real-time, 24/7 access to service information, including alerts for our customers through multiple channels

HAMILTON, ON - We’re listening to our customers and committed to enhancing their experience. Starting this week, HSR will be adding to and improving the ways for customers to find their next bus, plan their trip and stay informed about service changes.

Over the coming weeks, this real-time information will be available across five service channels: web, phone, Twitter, digital signage at terminals and a new SMS text feature. The updated trip planner website is now mobile-enabled, accessible regardless of the device or browser that the customer is using. Customers will be able to use the website to set up alerts to be sent to them for their favourite routes or stop numbers. Alerts can be customized based on time of day, day of week and they can be sent via email or SMS text (or both).

SMS text will be a new option for our customers that will be available soon, enabling them to find out when they can expect their next bus at any given stop.  We anticipate this to be a very popular option, particularly for customers who only have texting plans for their phones, including many youth and students.

Real-time data is available to the public through the City of Hamilton’s Open Data initiative, enabling third-party services to also create useful tools for our customers, giving them even more choices.

HSR is continuing to work on ways to improve the information that our customers can access, including providing information about unplanned detours (due to accidents or emergency events,) and a mobile app. As we continue to develop products, feedback is encouraged.

We’ve put together a section with some common questions and answers on how to connect – they can be found on the City of Hamilton’s website:

Five ways you will be able to connect with HSR in real-time

  • SMS Text: HSRnow – coming soon!
  • Trip Planner: Visit on your desktop or mobile device.  Save your favourites and sign up for stop and route alerts.
  • Phone: Call 905-527-4441 and follow the prompts to receive expected next bus times.
  • Twitter: Follow @HSRnow for automated service cancellation alerts as they happen, 24/7.
  • Terminals: Digital signage at terminals provides real-time information.