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Installation of 14 ft. floral ‘Micky Mantis’ at City Hall beginning today

HAMILTON, ON – This morning, the City’s horticulture team will begin to install ‘Mickey Mantis’, a 14 ft. floral sculpture of a praying mantis in the City Hall forecourt.

The install is expected to take two days to complete and the sculpture will remain on display for the duration of the summer season until early October, weather permitting.

Quick facts

  • ‘Mickey Mantis’ was previously displayed at the 2019 Fall Garden & Mum Show and is made up of approximately 1,300 individual plants.
  • Seven kinds of plants make up the sculpture, including six Alternanthera varieties, Lysimachia nummularia (Goldilocks), and moss.
  • Materials for the floral display will be transported by forestry staff from the Gage Park greenhouse to City Hall to be assembled by six of the City’s talented horticulture team members.

“I am always impressed by the incredible talent demonstrated by our Horticulturalists. While residents were unable to enjoy the Spring Tide Bulb Show this spring, we are happy that we were able to bring this topiary feature to City Hall for residents to enjoy over the summer months.” - Craig Murdoch, Director, Environmental Services