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Keep your pets safe during the winter cold snap

Hamilton, ON – With the recent plunge in temperatures this winter, the City of Hamilton wants to remind all pet owners to keep their pets indoors if the temperatures drop below freezing. If it’s too cold for a person to be outdoors for extended periods of time, it’s too cold for your pet.

Just like you are told not to leave your pet in a hot car in the summer months, in the winter, the car acts like a refrigerator and holds in the cold and your pet could freeze to death.

Quick facts

  • Always make sure your dog is wearing a licence; they can easily become lost in snow as they can lose their scent
  • Pets should not be left alone outside for extended periods when the temperature drops below freezing
  • Cats, short-coated dogs and puppies are particularly vulnerable to cold temperatures
  • Keep cats indoors and protect your dogs from frostbite or hypothermia by taking them outside for short walks
  • Watch for the following distress signs while your dog is outside - whines or acts anxious, can’t stop shivering or seems weak, has ice on his body, stops moving or slows down

Who do I call?

Animals at large and wild animals in distress and roaming around alone in public

Call the City of Hamilton Animal Services

City of Hamilton Animal Services
Phone: 905-574-3433 (available 24/7)

Animals that are owned (present in a yard or private property) that are in distress and you are concerned about the animal’s wellbeing

Call the local SPCA or Hamilton Police Service

Hamilton/Burlington SPCA
Phone: 905-574-7722

Hamilton Police Service
Phone: 905-546-4925