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Mountain Climber pilot program launches Monday:Cyclists can take an HSR bus up or down the escarpment for free!

HAMILTON, ON – On Monday, May 29, 2017, the City of Hamilton will celebrate Bike to Work Day by launching a pilot program that will allow cyclists to take an HSR bus up or down the escarpment for free.

How the program works

As part of the pilot program, cyclists can take an HSR bus to travel up or down James Mountain Hill on:

  • Route 20 - A Line
  • Route 21 - Upper Kenilworth
  • Route 33 - Sanatorium
  • Route 35 - College.

Cyclists should wait at one of the marked stops at the top or bottom of James Mountain Road, secure their bike to the front bike rack on the bus, let the operator know they are riding for free as a Mountain Climber, and depart the bus at the first available stop once up or down the escarpment roadway.

“The Mountain Climber program has great potential to help address safety concerns related to cyclists riding their bikes up and down the escarpment roadways. I’m encouraged by this pilot program, and hope that both avid cyclists and those out for a Sunday ride will seize the opportunity to partake in this free program!” -  Mayor Fred Eisenberger

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