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Mountain Climber program expansion to Aldershot GO Station

HAMILTON, ON – Effective Friday, June 25, 2021, cyclists will be able to connect to the Aldershot GO Station free of charge by boarding the bus at Mountain Climber designated stops along HSR route 18 – Waterdown.

To participate, cyclists can board the bus at a designated Mountain Climber stop and secure their bicycle to the bike rack. Once on board, the customer should inform the operator that they are accessing the bus as part of the program and will be getting off at the next Mountain Climber stop that meets their multi-modal trip needs.

The Mountain Climber program allows cyclists to take an HSR bus up or down the escarpment for free. The City of Hamilton permanently implemented the program in 2018, following a successful pilot the previous year. Since then, the program has expanded to include eight escarpment access roads.

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