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New HSR myRide On-Demand Transit Service Launches in Waterdown

HAMILTON, ON – Starting today, HSR customers in Waterdown will enjoy more direct trips, quicker journeys, shorter wait times and greater access to more destinations in Waterdown thanks to the new HSR myRide On-Demand Transit service that launched this morning.  

HSR myRide is a stop-to-stop service that dynamically adjusts the route as customers request to be picked-up and dropped off. This one-year pilot project operates within the Waterdown Urban Transit Boundary and utilizes existing HSR resources, including buses. Customers can book a trip using the new HSR myRide app or by calling 905-528-4200.

Informed by the (Re)envision Guiding Principles as tools for planning and service improvements, the pilot project was announced at the City of Hamilton’s General Issues Committee on January 22, 2021. This link is crucial as HSR continues to implement the Ten Year Local Transit Strategy and make transit a first choice in Hamilton.

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“The launch of HSR myRide On-Demand Transit is great news for both residents and businesses in Waterdown. The route’s adaptability to customer demand makes each trip as quick, efficient and convenient as possible. The expanded service area not only provides residents with greater access to jobs and other opportunities within the Waterdown Urban Transit Boundary but also improves the community’s connectivity to the region.”

- Mayor Fred Eisenberger


“As City Councillor for Ward 15 Flamborough, I am very pleased for our community to be moving transit forward with the innovative HSR myRide On-Demand Transit Pilot Project for Waterdown. Thank you to staff and my office who have been working with residents and businesses in developing this on-demand transit option for more than two years. This will connect residents to 80 new bus pick up destinations including Innovation Drive, Harry Howell Arena, Clappison Business Park and Waterdown Memorial Park. Ward 15 will lead the way and Build Community Together with adopting innovative transit. ​”

- Councillor Judi Partridge


“HSR is committed to making transit Hamilton’s first choice in transportation options. Waterdown has experienced significant growth in recent years, and myRide is an innovative solution that allows us to better meet the needs of the community as it continues to grow and change. By optimizing each route, on-demand will provide greater coverage and flexibility, while using existing resources.”

- Maureen Cosyn Heath, Director of Transit, Hamilton Street Railway