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Notice of application of larvicides to City of Hamilton for West Nile Virus control

HAMILTON, ON – The City of Hamilton, Public Health Services is conducting ongoing monitoring of mosquito larvae (immature mosquitoes) in standing surface water within the City of Hamilton boundaries on City land. When such monitoring indicates that there is a need for mosquito control, application of larvicide may be required in order to prevent larval development into vectors of West Nile Virus. Application of larvicide may commence as early as June 1, 2020 and end as late as October 31, 2020.

The larvicides VectoBac 200G (granular, PCP#18158), VectoBac 1200L (liquid, PCP#21062) and VectoLex CG (granular, PCP#28008) will be applied to identified standing surface water located on public property.

The larvicides Altosid Pellets (pellet, PCP#21809), Mosquiron 0.12 CRD (PCP#31079, ingot) and VectoLex WSP (pouch, PCP#28009) will be placed into catch basins of storm drains on city streets and on selected publicly owned properties within the City of Hamilton. 

The application of these products will be carried out under permit from the Ontario Ministry of Environment Conservation and Parks. All control products will be applied by licensed applicators or trained technicians of Pestalto Environmental Health Services Inc. under contract with the City of Hamilton.

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