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Opening Reception for Todd Murray’s Anne Foster Windows Display

HAMILTON, ON – The City of Hamilton invites the public to attend the opening reception for the newest Anne Foster Windows display on Friday March 13, 2020 from 7 to 9 pm at the Tourism Hamilton Visitor Centre, 28 James Street North.

Created by local artist Todd Murray, also known as SixbySeven, the window display features a series of analog music machines. Murray creates electronic music and builds musical synthesizers using found objects, recycled, or reclaimed electronic components. During the reception, Murray will have several synthesizers on display, provide a live demonstration and an opportunity for attendees to try some of the synths.

"My passion for jazz fusion and electronic music complements my interest in building useful things with repurposed materials. The result is a series of music sculptures that can be played as individual musical instruments or be combined in an orchestrated electronic symphony. Some of my projects include parts scrounged from old military aircraft, telephone and industrial equipment or everyday items. If I find an old, beat-up instrument that many people would consider trash, I rework it knowing there is a beautiful sound object within it' - Todd Murray, Artist

The reception takes place during the monthly James Street North Art Crawl; the display can be viewed through Tuesday May 26, 2020.

Quick Facts:

  • Window displays rotate every three months.
  • Located along James Street North on the first floor of the Lister Building, the storefront windows that house the displays were the entrance to the Anne Foster Music Shop for more than 50 years (1942-1995).
  • The display by Todd Murray is the eleventh artist-designed window display installed in the Anne Foster Windows since the program started in September 2017.

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