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Overhead sign structure repairs & inspections

HAMILTON, ON – Last month, the City of Hamilton closed the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway (LINC) for five nights to complete repairs to the overhead sign support structures.

This work stemmed from inspections that were completed by external consultants in 2012 and 2017. In early July 2019, new leadership in Public Works learned of the inspection reports and identified that not all of the recommendations in them had been addressed.

Upon reviewing the consultant reports, staff concluded that immediate action should be taken to address the condition of some of the structures.

This work is almost complete and has included:

  • Removal of two overhead sign structures on the LINC – Golf Links (eastbound) and Upper Wentworth (eastbound).
  • Removal of the maintenance catwalks on all sign support structures along the LINC.
  • Maintenance (bolt tightening, new hardware, foundation repairs, etc.) of sign support structures along the LINC.
  • Some of the overhead sign structures on the RHVP were repaired while the roadway was closed in July 2019.
  • Additional sign structure repairs on the RHVP, the Claremont Access and Nikola Tesla Boulevard are ongoing and will be completed by the end of the summer. This work will include tightening support anchor bolts, installing keeper plates, and replacing bolts.

As well, in late 2017/early 2018, two overhead sign structures were removed at Parkdale  Avenue/Strathearne Avenue/Local Access on Nikola Tesla Boulevard and Woodward Avenue  Advanced on Nikola Tesla Boulevard.

Hamilton City Council’s General Issues Committee (GIC) received information about these two consultant reports earlier today. In the interest of transparency and in order to provide context for the recent and ongoing repairs, these documents are being made publicly available today:

2017 Sign Support Inspection Summary Report (Aecom) (PDF, 2 MB)
2012 Repair Rehabilitation Summary (Aecom) (PDF, 174 KB)

The City will be completing re-inspection of all sign support structures in Hamilton this fall, and will be improving the strategy for managing these assets going forward. As public safety is our top priority, we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure public safety along our roadways.