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Red Hill Valley Parkway Update: Investigation, new safety reports made public and speed limit change official

HAMILTON, ON – This evening, Hamilton City Council approved a motion that directs the City Manager and City Solicitor to bring Council back further information about the process to initiate an external investigation pursuant to the Ontario Municipal Act and Public Inquiries Act.

Also this evening, Hamilton City Council directed staff to release two additional reports.

The first report summarizes the roadside safety assessment completed on the RHVP in October 2018 by external traffic engineering experts, CIMA. The assessment included a review of the mainline and all on and off ramps on the RHVP. The study provided recommendations to reduce the frequency of collisions on the Parkway by correcting deficiencies and/or upgrading roadside safety devices to current standards. The City is sharing the roadside safety assessment recommendations, which will be incorporated as part of the upcoming resurfacing project or reviewed as part of a functional design study for the RHVP.

The second report, which was also made public in December 2015, summarizes a 2015 safety analysis of the Red Hill Valley Parkway by CIMA. The purpose of this study was to review the safety and operational performance along the entire length of the RHVP from the QEW interchange to the Dartnall Road interchange, and to identify measures that could potentially improve performance and reduce the number and/or the severity of collisions. The City has already implemented most of the recommendations outlined in the November 2015 road safety assessment. The remaining recommendations will be implemented with the resurfacing of the RHVP in spring 2019. 

Already implemented traffic safety recommendations from CIMA include:

  • Installation of oversized speed limit signs
  • Installation of slippery when wet signs
  • Installation of merge and bridge ices signs
  • Upgrades to guiderail and end treatments
  • Installation of reflective markers on guiderails
  • Installation of recessed pavement markers (cat eyes)
  • Installation of speed fine signs
  • Trimming of vegetation to improve sight lines

Over the coming weeks, the following improvements will be made, including:

  • Installation of flashing beacons on the slippery when wet signs (to be installed week of February 18)
  • Re-installation of digital feedback signs (to be installed mid March),
  • Installation of Q-end warning system (to be installed mid March),
  • Installation of advance diagrammatic and lane exit signs (Hwy 403 Mohawk Road) subject to Ministry of Transportation approvals.

Finally, Council also approved the by-law that formally reduces the speed limit on the Red Hill Valley Parkway (RHVP) to 80 km per hour between Greenhill and the QEW in both directions. The City is reminding residents of the importance of driving according to the conditions and following the posted maximum speed limits on the RHVP. Drivers should reduce speed appropriately, particularly for wet road conditions. Signage reflecting the new speed limits will be installed early next week.

As a reminder, the City’s external traffic engineering experts have recommended the Parkway remain open for use, but that motorists be cautioned about speeding. The posted speeds are maximums. Drivers should reduce speed appropriately, particularly for wet road conditions.