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Residents asked to help secure recycling and waste containers during high winds

HAMILTON, ON, February 7, 2017 - With significant winds predicted this evening in Hamilton, the City is asking residents with waste collection scheduled for tomorrow to take steps to ensure their recycling material and waste containers do not blow around their neighbourhood.

Tips for securing waste and containers in high winds

  • Wait until 7 am to place garbage and blue boxes at the curb
  • Place heaviest items on the top of the blue box to weigh down the lighter items
  • Stand up paper or cardboard in the blue box instead of laying it flat
  • Keep recyclables below the rim of the blue box
  • Don’t use a garbage bin – use a bag instead so the container does not blow around once emptied

Residents who wish to hold back their recycling until their next regularly scheduled collection date may do so. There is no limit to the amount of recycling that can be put out each week. Residents who hold back garbage until their next collection date will need to attach a trash tag if they use an extra bag. 

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