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Some Helpful Guidelines for Property Owners of Historic Buildings

HAMILTON, ON – We know that Hamilton is an architecturally rich city that is home to many historic buildings and structures. They represent the city’s diverse heritage and contribute to its unique identity and culture.

Do you own a heritage property that needs some repair? The City of Hamilton is here to help. The City just launched their Masonry Restoration Guidelines which will provide guidance to heritage property owners, architects and contractors to carry out a successful masonry-related work or restoration.

Many of Hamilton’s historic buildings are constructed with limestone, clay brick, stone, cast stone and concrete materials.  Exposure to harsh winters and poor repair work can make building masonry susceptible to deterioration, especially at the mortar joints. The decision to repair masonry is often related to some obvious sign of deterioration such as cracks in mortar joints, disintegrating mortar, loose bricks or stones, damp walls or damaged building material.

The proper conservation of these historic structures is vital in order to preserve these heritage resources in our city. The Guidelines offer helpful advice on the appropriate materials and methods to be used and leverage best practices for masonry restoration.

Review the City of Hamilton Masonry Restoration Guidelines.