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Statement by Mayor Eisenberger concerning the Impacts of Steel Tariffs

HAMILTON, ON - I am disappointed and dismayed by the decision today from President Donald Trump to impose tariffs of 25 percent on imported steel, and 10 percent on imported aluminum. This is a detrimental turning point in the Canada and USA relationship, with the potential for significant negative implications not only here, but in the USA, Mexico and the EU.

Locally, while it is difficult to determine how this will affect our some 9,000 steel manufacturing and production employees; a 25% tariff will see an immediate increase in pricing for steel related products such as cars, appliances etc. both in Canada and the USA.

Canada’s closest ally is the United States and I am still hopeful that saner heads will prevail, but I applaud our Federal Government for its swift and forceful reaction to help protect steel related jobs and our economy.

We will continue to work with our Federal and Provincial partners and meet with our steel committee; and encourage our national steel caucus lead by local MP Bob Bratina, with membership from local MP and former steel worker Scott Duvall to continue to advocate on behalf of the City of Hamilton steel industry and our national economic steel interests.