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Statement by Mayor Eisenberger concerning Pier 8 Development

June 6, 2018, Hamilton - The Pier 8 development opportunity represents the culmination of nearly 30 years of political and financial commitments from past and present Councils, along with partners at other levels of government. I commend the teams that came forward to express interest in redeveloping Pier 8, and look forward to seeing the visionary concept of The Waterfront Shores Corporation become a reality for all Hamiltonians – and visitors to our city to enjoy.

This project will boost Hamilton’s economy by creating hundreds of jobs while transforming Pier 8 into a waterfront jewel of modern homes, shops, cafes, parks and a waterside trail that will become a destination for visitors to our city and make everyone in our community proud.

I am pleased to see this project moving forward, and applaud the 2016 Council approved process where staff laid out a clear road-map for the decision making. We will see a vibrant residential, commercial and institutional space on nine development blocks which includes affordable housing by Habitat for Humanity Hamilton who will ensure continuity of affordability for at least 15 years. One hundred percent of these affordable units will be two-bedroom or larger and distributed throughout the development.

Today’s announcement of the preferred proponent does not include anything with respect to the Discovery Centre. It is not included in the public report and the map of the lands contained in the public report clearly shows that the Discovery Centre is not included. The Discovery Centre has not been put up for sale and there is no “Right of First Negotiation” or any other decision relating to the Discovery Centre in today’s announcement.

As part of the next steps, the negotiation and execution of the development agreement are to take place by fall 2018, with construction to start mid-2019.

Thanks to all the parties involved for their dedication and commitment to ensuring the long-held vision of transforming The City of Hamilton’s West Harbour waterfront comes to fruition.