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Statement by Mayor Fred Eisenberger on the results of the 2018 Ontario election

Hamilton, ON - Congratulations to Premier-designate Doug Ford for his election win with a majority of seats in the Ontario Legislature. Hamilton stands ready to work with you.

Congratulations to Leader of the Official Opposition-designate Andrea Horwath. You are a great Hamiltonian and Hamilton is proud of you and your achievement in this election. I have appreciated your support in the past and very much look forward to continuing to work with you.

Thank you to Premier Kathleen Wynne for her hard work, her devotion to the Province, and the many good things she and her government have done for the people of Hamilton. Premier Wynne and her government have been a good partner with the City of Hamilton on so many projects and there is much of which to be proud. I believe that, over time, people will begin to better appreciate her accomplishments and she will be seen as I see her: a forward-looking leader who was dedicated to building and improving this city and our province.

Personally, I would also like to thank Ted McMeekin for his tremendous dedication and passionate advocacy on behalf of the City of Hamilton. With his advocacy and the Province’s support – he leaves a solid legacy of making our community stronger. He has had an enduring impact on housing, including an effective Homelessness Strategy, delivered investments in health care, education, LRT, inclusionary zoning, the expansion of the Greenbelt and more. Ted is a known for his devotion to the late Robert F. Kennedy. The progressiveness, optimism and hard work exemplified by Robert Kennedy was manifest writ large in everything Ted has done for the people of Hamilton. Sir, you are a great Hamiltonian and I salute you.

Thank you to all the candidates of all parties for putting their names forward. Your commitment to our community and being part of the democratic processes and the broader dialogue about the future of our Province and our City is greatly appreciated.

Two members of Hamilton Council put forward their names in this election. Congratulations Donna Skelly for your election victory. Congratulations to Judi Partridge for mounting a vigorous and passionate campaign. I am looking forward to continuing to work with both of you in your respective roles.

There is a great tradition of Hamilton’s elected representatives from all three levels of government and irrespective of partisan affiliations coming together as Team Hamilton to work together for the benefit of the people of Hamilton. I will be convening a Team Hamilton meeting in the coming months to follow up on the priorities identified in the pre-election Hamilton Summit and to continue this tradition of working together on the city’s future prosperity and quality of life and to make a difference in the lives of Hamilton residents.

I have already commented that there are elements in the policies of all three parties – PC, Liberal and NDP -- which will be good for the City of Hamilton. I look forward to working with the new government on areas that align with the priorities of the City of Hamilton. I appreciate that all three parties expressed support for the city’s stated preference for LRT, a project that is already underway and I look forward to breaking ground in 2019.

I remain committed to continuing a productive working relationship with the new government of Premier-Designate Doug Ford and am hopeful that the newly elected government maintains a strong partnership with municipalities and the City of Hamilton.