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Traffic safety improvements on Queen Street S to begin this week: overnight traffic impacts in the area

Hamilton, ON – Later this evening, the City of Hamilton is scheduled to begin work to improve traffic safety on Queen Street S between Aberdeen Avenue and Herkimer Street.

Earlier this spring, staff completed a traffic safety audit and have identified a number of changes to traffic patterns in the area to improve safety and visibility.

Changes include:

  • A new designated lane for motorists turning left from Queen Street S onto Aberdeen Ave (traveling southbound)
  • No left turns onto Stanley Avenue for motorists traveling northbound on Queen Street S. Currently motorists are restricted from turning left between the hours of 7 am to 9 am and 3 pm to 6 pm. The expanded restriction will not allow for any left turns from Queen Street S onto Stanley Avenue, at any time.
  • A median island on Queen Street S that will physically block illegal left turns onto Stanley Avenue (for motorists traveling northbound).

These changes will all be made using pavement markings and knock down sticks.

Work on these projects will begin tonight, Monday, June 4, 2018 and will occur during the overnight hours. All work is weather dependent, but should be complete within a week. There may be traffic impacts in the area during the work.

There have been dozens of other traffic safety improvements implemented on Queen Street S in recent years. The following is a summary of those improvements:

  • Queen Street S speed limit reduced to 40km/h
  • No left turn restrictions at Stanley Avenue between 7 am to 9 am and 3 pm to 6 pm
  • Knockdown sticks and reduced turning radius at Stanley Avenue (northwest corner)
  • Knockdown sticks and reduced turning radius at Aberdeen Avenue (southeast corner)
  • Reconstruction of crosswalks at Aberdeen Avenue right turn channel (northwest corner) to improve visibility
  • Permanent dynamic speed signs south of Aberdeen Avenue
  • Lane narrowing, knockdown sticks and speed advisory pavement markings at Queen Street S / Beckett Drive
  • Temporary dynamic speed sign near Robinson Street
  • Pedestrian crossover at Herkimer Street
  • Adjustments to the signal timing at Aberdeen Avenue and Queen Street S
  • Narrowing of the channelized right-turn at Aberdeen Avenue and Queen Street S
  • Removal of the dual left-turns from Charlton Avenue onto Queen Street S, improving the pedestrian experience crossing on the south side
  • Changed the signal timings at Queen/Duke to ensure pedestrian gets the priority
  • Increased the pedestrian timing for crossing Main Street throughout the day
  • Increased the pedestrian timing for crossing King Street throughout the day
  • Ladder crosswalk for west leg of Herkimer
  • Ladder crosswalks at Duke Street
  • Ladder crosswalks at Hunter Street
  • Ladder crosswalks at Main Street

Queen Street S is scheduled to be converted to two-way traffic between Herkimer Street and Main Street in summer 2019. With this two-way conversion, the pedestrian crossover at Queen Street S and Herkimer Street would be changed to a fully signalized intersection.

Motorists are reminded of the importance of practicing safe, mindful driving habits to improve road safety and decrease road injuries and fatalities. Motorists should slow down, be respectful and obey the rules of the road.

The City of Hamilton is committed to continue monitoring traffic patterns and driver behaviour to ensure safety in the area.

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