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Update: City of Hamilton to implement rolling lane closures in northbound left lane of Red Hill Valley Parkway (RHVP) starting 9:30 am Tuesday

HAMILTON, ON – The City of Hamilton will implement rolling lane closures starting at 9:30 am Tuesday May 21, 2019 in the left lane of the northbound (downbound) Red Hill Valley Parkway (RHVP) to have sample collection and testing of the asphalt conducted. The closures will be for a period of 1.5 to 2 hours each and crews will be moving to five different locations throughout the day in that lane. These will only be short area closures and not the entire left lane.

To ensure timely completion of the testing and in an effort to allow Coco Paving to maintain its repaving schedule, the City decided to have the testing conducted in advance of Coco taking control of the site Tuesday night. The asphalt sampling and testing will be conducted by third party contractors. The data compiled may inform ongoing litigation matters. The Commissioner overseeing the judicial inquiry into the Red Hill Valley Parkway matter has indicated its support of the testing as it may assist the work of the judicial inquiry. The City and contractors will ensure there is as minimal an impact to motorists as possible throughout the day Tuesday while the testing is being carried out.

The resurfacing of the RHVP will begin, as scheduled, Tuesday night. All northbound (downbound) lanes of the Parkway will be fully closed starting Tuesday night at 9 pm for approximately three weeks between the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway at Mud St/Stone Church Road and the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW).

The RHVP is being resurfaced on both sides between the Queen Elizabeth Way and the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway. In addition to new high quality asphalt, the RHVP resurfacing project will bring additional safety enhancements to the parkway, including 10 km of new steel guiderails with reflectors, bright durable lane markings, rumble strips, and more.

Construction in the southbound lanes will begin in mid-June. The exact start-date for the complete closure in the southbound lanes will be announced 5 to 7 days before it begins.

HSR anticipates delays for customers throughout construction. As always, detours and impacts for HSR customers will be posted at:

The City has launched a dedicated project website to share project timelines and details, detour routes, traffic mitigation measures, and more: This website will be updated throughout construction. Details will also be shared daily on the City’s social media accounts.

The City of Hamilton thanks residents for their patience and cooperation as we complete these important infrastructure improvements to the Red Hill Valley Parkway.