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Update: Contaminated Water in Chedoke Creek

HAMILTON, ON - The City of Hamilton is continuing to investigate the cause of contaminated water in the area of Chedoke Creek and Cootes Paradise.

Earlier today, investigations revealed an active discharge from one of the City’s combined sewer overflow tanks near Main Street and King Street. The discharge has been addressed, however the City is continuing to investigate to ensure there are no other sources contributing to the contaminated water in the creek.

At this time Public Health Services is warning the public to stay out of and not touch the water in Chedoke Creek and Princess Point. If you come into contact with the water, wash yourself off promptly with warm water and soap. Residents with questions about health risks regarding coming into contact with the water in Chedoke Creek and Princess Point can call Public Health Services’ Safe Water Program at 905-546-2189 or email [email protected].

The Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) has removed the docks at Cootes Paradise and warning signs have been installed at public access points along the shore of the affected area of Cootes Paradise (Princess Point) and Chedoke Creek to notify the public of the poor water quality.

If any member of the public identifies or suspects discharges of pollutants to the City’s sewer system or natural bodies of water they are encouraged to contact the City of Hamilton’s Spills Reporting Line (905) 540-5188.