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Use Your Head: Stop at the Red - City’s fall awareness campaign launches today

HAMILTON, ON - This week, the City of Hamilton is launching its month-long campaign aimed at educating drivers about the importance of obeying red lights. The “Use your head, STOP at the RED” campaign is part of the world-wide Vision Zero initiative.

The City of Hamilton and Hamilton Police are reminding residents of the consequences of red light running, including the emotional and economic tolls on victims of collisions. Nearly 16,000 red light camera infractions are issued annually. Drivers who fail to stop at a red light risk facing a fine as high as $325 and an addition of three demerit points.

 A network of red light cameras across the City help change driver behaviour, save lives, and make Hamilton roads safer for everyone. The City currently has red light cameras operating in 29 locations across Hamilton, with more being added this year.

Vision Zero is a multi-national long-term strategy that strives to prevent all traffic fatalities or serious inquiries through policy changes and public awareness. The City will continue to implement Vision Zero practices in order to make the City of Hamilton the safest place to raise a child and age successfully.

To learn more about the red light camera campaign, visit: