Provincial Election

Provincial Priorities

Promotion for Our Plan, Our Priorities Building a Brighter Future for Hamilton

With the 2022 provincial election campaign underway, the City of Hamilton has released its provincial priorities aimed at building better lives for all residents and supporting community growth.

Hamilton’s Six Priorities

Through collaboration with the Provincial Government, there is opportunity to achieve Hamilton’s six priorities:

Addressing the economic impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable populations by providing significant and sustainable supports for individuals experiencing homelessness.

Investment in critical social and physical infrastructure to support economic development and continued support for workers, businesses and the health-care system recovering from COVID-19.

Adopting a National Child Care Plan at the local to provide families in Hamilton with access to affordable child care and support increased labour market participation, specifically for women, people of colour and individuals from equity-seeking communities.

Disaster mitigation and adaption support for areas either impacted or at risk of being impacted by the effects of climate change.

Creating and nurturing a city that is welcoming and inclusive with a goal that equity-seeking communities will feel safe, supported and have an enhanced sense of belonging through strengthening community capacity and inclusive engagement opportunities.

Modernizing public transit in Hamilton and positioning our City to better support long-term growth and development will remain a core local priority requiring significant investments for years to come. 

This initiative is a collective effort between Mayor Fred Eisenberger, Councillors and the City Manager’s Office to better inform all provincial candidates running in our community. These priorities will be provided to all candidates.

2022 Provincial Priorities Report

Review the complete City of Hamilton's Provincial Priorities for 2022 (PDF, 979 KB)

General Issues Committee Presentation

April 6, 2022 - Our Priorities, Our Plan: Building a Brighter Future for Hamilton (CM22006)