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Building Permits and Zoning By-law Review Profile

This service is responsible for receiving and issuing building permits. This service also ensures compliance with the Ontario Building Code, regulations and other applicable law, and the protection of public health and safety. This involves:

  • Administration, review, and issuance of building permits for construction of residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional buildings, and other structures and systems.
  • Pre-consultation and preliminary review for Ontario Building Code compliance.
  • Peer review and approval of Alternative Solutions and Limiting Distance Agreements.
  • Review and issuance of Demolition Control and Pool Enclosure Permits.
  • Zoning by-law compliance review for planning, building permit and public request applications.
  • Property search and review for Zoning Verification Certificate applications.

Service Details

Related Subservices

  • AGCO Liquor License
  • Applicable Law Review
  • Industrial, Commercial and Institutional, and High Density Residential
  • Low Density Residential
  • Ontario Building Code Pre-consultation

Type of Service

  • Both public facing and internal corporate service


  • Essential / Mandatory, Legislated requirement

Primary Funding Sources

  • User Fees
  • Net Levy

Service Level

  • Exceeds standard

Service Level Source

  • Legislated
  • Management directive


Performance Measures

Stretigic Plan Priority - Economic Prosperity & Growth, Healthy & Safe Communities and Built Environment & Infrastructure