Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention Profile

Chronic Disease and injury prevention services aim to reduce preventable illness, injury and death by reducing risk factors such as physical inactivity, tobacco use, obesity, food insecurity, poor oral health, poor mental well-being and alcohol and substance misuse. This is achieved through health promotion, the development of healthy public policy and community interventions.

Service Details

Related Subservices

  • Chronic Disease Prevention
  • Adult Dental Treatment
  • Alcohol Drugs and Gambling Services
  • Injury Prevention
  • Substance Misuse
  • Mental Health Promotion

Type of Service

  • Public facing


  • Essential/Mandatory, Legislated requirement (Chronic Disease Prevention, Injury Prevention, Substance Misuse, Mental Health Promotion)
  • Discretionary municipal service (Adult Dental Treatment, Alcohol Drugs and Gambling Services)

Primary Funding Sources

  • Grants / Subsidies

Service Level

  • At standard

Service Level Source

  • Legislated
  • Council By-law
  • Past practice


Performance Measures

How much did you do? (volume)


  • Total number of clients seen at the Dental Clinic and Dental Bus in the City of Hamilton, per year: 5,192
  • Total number of clients seen at the Dental Clinic: 3,227
  • Total number of clients seen at the Dental Bus: 1,965

Is Anyone Better Off? (impact)


  • Percentage of needles distributed by Public Health Services that are returned through the Needle Exchange Program, per year: 61%
  • Percentage of tobacco vendors in compliance with youth access legislation at the last time of inspection, per year: 96.6%

Strategic Plan Priority - Healthy & Safe Communities