Trust and Confidence Report

Corporate Security Office Profile

The Corporate Security Office is responsible for setting and delivering physical security standards for City staff, assets and visitors in partnership with all City divisions.  It is committed to providing safe and continuous service to City of Hamilton employees and customers by promoting a safe and secure environment for employees and users of its properties and services. The protection of all assets critical to the City operations and premises (i.e. people, property and critical infrastructure) is one of the primary objectives of the Corporate Security Office Mandate. 

The approach to security relies on a prevention and deterrence model and is committed to the continuous improvement of security functions as one of its management principles.

The objective is to integrate security risk management strategies into the overall corporate risk management process and provide tools to plan and track progress. The Corporate Security Office will focus on current and future security needs through the strategic development of corporate-wide policies, and implementation of enterprise-wide security technologies.

Service Details

Related Subservices

  • N/A

Type of Service

  • Both public facing and internal corporate service


  • Core municipal service

Primary Funding Sources

  • Net Levy

Service Level

  • New Service - service level not yet been established

Service Level Source

  • Management directive


Performance Measures

How Much Did You Do? (volume)


  • Total Security Guard Service Distribution (Hours)
    • Corporate Buildings 47,622
    • Ontario Works Buildings 2,238
    • Hamilton Water Buildings 11,897
    • ADHOC Services 2,911
    • City-Wide Mobile Patrol 8,036
    • Covid-19 Response 45,671
  • Total Security Guard Service Distribution (%)
    • Corporate Buildings 40
    • Ontario Works Buildings 2
    • Hamilton Water Buildings 10
    • ADHOC Services 2
    • City-Wide Mobile Patrol 7
    • Covid-19 Response 39

NOTE: 2020 was the first full year of Security Guard services under the City-wide Security Guard Service contract. Proportionally, 2020 also saw a significant increase in the number of service hours (approx. 95%) from 2019 which is attributed to the City’s response during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the community

  • Total Security Guard Service Distribution (Hours)
    • Corporate Buildings 43,119
    • Ontario Works Buildings 2,367
    • Hamilton Water Buildings 2,952
    • ADHOC Services 291
    • City-Wide Mobile Patrol 6,612
  • Total Security Guard Service Distribution (%)
    • Corporate Buildings 78
    • Ontario Works Buildings 4
    • Hamilton Water Buildings 5
    • ADHOC Services 1
    • City-Wide Mobile Patrol 12

NOTE: In May 2019, the City engaged with a new Security Guard Services contract which provided the consolidation of three previously separate contracts into one administrative model. The new City-wide contract provides various security guard services to 3 City business team (Facilities Management, Ontario Works and Hamilton Water). The harmonization of all three previous contracts into the new City-wide contract was fully complete in October 2019.