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Corporate Trunked Radio System Profile

The Corporate Radio System provides mission critical voice and data communications for the Hamilton Fire Department, Hamilton Police Service, City of Hamilton Public Works and the Airport Operations Group.

The services provided include: system design input, oversight of system development and implementation, ongoing troubleshooting and maintenance of the corporate radio infrastructure.

Service Details

Related Subservices

  • Radio/Communications Network (Fire, Police, Public Works, and Airport)
  • Radio System Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • Radio System Equipment Installation and Repair
  • Fire Department Paging Network 

Type of Service

  • Internal Corporate Service


  • Essential/Mandatory, Legislated requirement (Occupational Health and Safety Act)

Primary Funding Sources

  • Net Levy
  • Capital budget/reserves
  • Cost allocations

Service Level

  • At standard (meeting the requirements of the Emergency First Responder group)

Service Level Source

  • Legislated
  • Council approved service standard
  • Management directive


Performance Measures

How Much Did You Do? (volume)

2018 YTD

  • Installation of mobile radios into Fire vehicles: 6
  • Installation of mobile radios into Public Works vehicles: 44
  • Loss damage reports addressed: 70
  • Installation of mobile radios into Fire vehicles: 3
  • Installation of mobile radios into Public Works vehicles: 40
  • Loss damage reports addressed: 75

Strategic Plan Priority - Healthy & Safe Communities