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Cultural Development Profile

This service supports the wider arts and cultural community and Hamilton as a whole to enrich Hamilton’s quality of life and sense of place through direct outreach and collaboration.

  • Cultural Marketing - The development and implementation of research based strategies and supporting tactics across multiple mediums in the areas of arts, culture, and heritage which target specific audiences (residents, visitors) and sectors (businesses, travel/trade, education) with a goal to enhance the city’s image, grow audience participation, foster civic pride and increase Hamilton’s economic activity and impact.
  • Cultural Policies and Strategies - To implement the approved Cultural Plan, provide facilitation for community grants and build awareness of and participation in culture by working collaboratively with partners to build strong cultural institutions complete communities and a creative economy.
  • Business Development for Creative Industries - The attraction, retention and development of businesses in Creative Industries specifically music, film and fashion to  support their business plans’ that drive Hamilton’s economic development, increase tax revenues and enhance its quality of life.
  • Events Development - Develops and delivers dynamic, innovative and accessible events and festivals, which celebrate the richness and diversity of Hamilton, enriching the quality of life for residents and attract tourist audiences. Works with event planners/organizations to increase event delivery capacity and provide public access to quality and safe events in the community.
  • Film/Film Permiting - The management, multi-stakeholder coordination and communication, identification of locations, negotiations with production companies and issuance of film permits and collection of film permit fees.
  • Music Strategy - Strengthens the local music industry, helps grow audiences and appreciation of music, increases access to music experiences, and cultivates music creation and talent.
  • Public Art and Arts Development - Supports the wider arts community and the community as a whole to enrich Hamilton’s quality of life and sense of place through direct outreach and collaboration.  This support is accomplished through recognition events and community consultation in addition to involving the arts community and the community as a whole directly in public realm place making through the commissioning of Public Art and other arts and culture related projects.

Service Details

Related Subservices

  • Cultural Marketing
  • Cultural Policies and Strategies
  • Business Development (retention and attraction) for Creative Industries (film, music, fashion etc.)
  • Events Development
  • Film Permiting
  • Music Strategy
  • Public Art and Arts Development

Type of Service

  • Public facing


  • Discretionary Municipal Service

Primary Funding Sources

  • Area Rating Reserves
  • Capital Budget
  • Net Levy
  • Sponsorship/Third Party Contributions

Service Level

  • At standard

Service Level Source

  • Council approved policy or service standard
  • Past practice
  • Funding agreement/grant covenant
  • Section 107 of the Municipal Act provides the authority to issue grants


Performance Measures

How much did you do? (volume)

2018 Q1 to Q3

Film Permits

  • Number of permits issued: 254
  • Number of productions registered: 41

@HamOntMusic Accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

  • Facebook number of followers: 897
  • Facebook number of impressions: 405,632
  • Facebook engagement: 22,107
  • Twitter number of followers: 1,771
  • Twitter number of impressions: 1, 229, 300
  • Twitter engagement: 22,660 
  • Instagram number of followers: 1,536

Hamilton Culture  Facebook

  • Facebook number of followers: 2,130
  • Facebook number of impressions: 203,184
  • Facebook engagement: 7,420

Film permits

  • Number of permits issued: 539
  • Number of productions registered: 120

Special Events

  • Special Event applications: 385
  • Special Event Setup and Active Days: 746
  • Special Event Advisory Team Evets: 336

Film permits

  • Number of permits issued: 507
  • Number of productions registered: 121

Special Events

  • Special Event applications: 341
  • Special Event Active Days: 520
  • Special Event Days (including set up/tear down days): 648

How well did you do it? (quality)

  • On-line surveys conducted for the Public Art Master Plan Review and the Arts Awards program indicated a high level of satisfaction by the arts community
  • The public art program was one of two programs recognized by the national Creative Cities Network with an honorable mention as part of their annual awards program.

Is anyone better off? (impact)

2018 Q1 to Q3

  • Film production economic input (direct spend):  $10,786,050
  • Film production economic input (direct spend):  $12,176,945  
  • Film production economic input (direct spend):  $11, 255,181

Strategic Plan Priority - Economic Prosperity & Growth and Culture & Diversity