Directly Operated Child Care Program Profile (Red Hill Family Centre)

Red Hill Family Centre is a child care program that is licensed annually under the Child Care and Early Years Act. Registered Early Childhood Educators spend time in classrooms with approximately 79 children aged 1.5 to 5 years. Positive early learning occurs through play-based activities that promotes healthy child development. Many of the children and families served are considered to be in vulnerable and/or high risk situations.

Service Details

Related Subservices

  • Childcare and Family Supports
  • Specialized Supports for Children with Special Needs 

Type of Service

  • Public Facing


  • Discretionary municipal service

Primary Funding Sources

  • Grants/Subsidies
  • Net Levy
  • User Fees

Service Level

  • At standard

Service Level Source

  • Council approved policy or service standard
  • Past practice

This service is required to comply with provincial legislation, the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014


Performance Measures

How much did you do? (volume)

An average of 79 children aged 1.5 to 5 years of age attend the program and engage in play based learning activities that enhances their growth and development.

Strategic Plan Priority - Healthy & Safe Communities