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Fleet Services Management Profile

Fleet Services Management is responsible for administrating a maintenance program to ensure that the City of Hamilton vehicles and equipment are operated in a safe and reliable manner, and follows the guidelines of the Highway Traffic Act, National Safety Codes for Commercial Vehicles, City By-law standards and policies, and all government legislation. This includes the administration of many functions including:

  • Regulatory Compliance and Driver Training - Collision Review Board (CRB) and Commercial Vehicle Operators Registration (CVOR) administration, driver licence review, record retention, compliance reporting and driver training.
  • Materials, Fuel and Systems Management - Administration of the Fleet Management Information System, and parts inventory control and management for all internal fleet staff requirements. Management of the maintenance, repair, and related compliance for 21 fuel sites and one Compressed Natural Gas station. 
  • Capital Planning and Contract Management - Responsible for contracts of new vehicles and equipment, vehicle replacement forecasting, disposal of replaced units, and all fleet contracts for parts, service, and fuel site repair and construction.
  • Fleet Maintenance - This team manages eight locations to complete vehicle and equipment repairs and preventative maintenance. In addition, this team is responsible to manage all outsourced repairs.  

Service Details

Related Subservices

  • Regulatory Compliance and Driver Training
  • Materials, Fuel and Systems Management
  • Capital Planning and Contract Management
  • Fleet Maintenance 

Type of Service

  • Internal corporate service (external customers include Hamilton Public Library Board)


  • Essential/Mandatory, and Legislated requirements
  • Core Municipal Service

Primary Funding Sources

  • Net Levy
  • Capital budget
  • Internal cost recovery

Service Level

  • At standard

Service Level Source

  • Legislated - Ministry of Transportation, CVOR, Fuel (Technical Standards and Safety Authority)
  • Council By-law
  • Management directive (operational needs of internal customers)
  • Past practice


Performance Measures


How much did you do? (volume)

  • Maintain 1,350 pieces of vehicles and equipment through internal garages or external repair vendors.
  • Monthly average throughout of approximately 3,000 internally handled parts.
  • Driver licences reviewed quarterly: 1,650

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