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Land Use Planning Profile

As per the Planning Act, the City of Hamilton is required to make decisions, recommendations, and comments on legislation and associated regulations, which are applicable to land use planning. In addition to any legislated requirements, special studies are undertaken to address local land use planning related matters. These documents include:

  • Official Plans which guide and manage growth according to Council direction, Provincial policies and regulations.  The City is currently updating the official plan to manage growth to 2041.
  • Secondary Plans and Neighbourhood Plans which guide growth and changes for smaller geographic and local areas.
  • Zoning By-law which is  a major instrument used in the implementation of official plans.  The City currently has six zoning bylaws from former area municipalities as well as the new Zoning by-law (By-law 05-200). New zones continue to be incorporated into Zoning By-law 05-200 gradually replacing the zoning from former municipalities.
  • Special Studies as issues arise or as provincial policy direction is updated.  These could include geographically-based strategies or policy reviews to address area specific matters, in addition to specialized topic-based studies in response to community issues or trends.

Service Details

Related Subservices

  • Development Planning
  • Growth Management
  • GIS and Cartographic Services

Type of Service

  • Public facing


  • Essential/Mandatory, Legislated requirement (Official Plans)
  • Core Municipal Service (Secondary Plans, Special Studies)

Primary Funding Sources

  • Net Levy

Service Level

  • At standard

Service Level Source

  • Legislated (Planning Act, Niagara Escarpment Planning & Development Act, Parkway Belt West Act, Greenbelt Act, Places to Grow Act, Conservation Authorities Act, Environmental Assessment Act, Ontario Heritage Act)


Performance Measures

How Much Did You Do? (volume)


  • Number of properties within Zoning By-law No. 05-200: 160,000 properties in the City; 25,000 properties within Zoning By-law No.05-200
  • Number of plans and studies completed to achieve and advance land use planning goals and objectives: 15 plans, studies, reports to Council
  • Number of engagement and education events undertaken for land use planning initiatives (neighbourhood and community meetings, public information centres, workshops, and other engagement activities): 22 events held

Strategin Plan Priority - Economic Prosperity & Growth