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Ontario Works (OW) Financial and Employment Services Profile

Ontario Works delivers temporary financial assistance for basic needs and shelter, and the provision of mandatory and discretionary benefits, employment related benefits and emergency assistance to eligible individuals and households.

This service portfolio includes financial and employment case management. Human services case facilitation provides one to one outcome planning and intensive case management, which involves assessment and referral to services to address income, housing, health, child-care, substance use and employment readiness needs. Ontario Works also assists participants in pursuing other income such as Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), Canada Pension Plan disability and retirement, Old Age Security, Employment Insurance, etc. 

Additionally, Employment Services assists OW participants and ODSP non-disabled spouses and dependent adults in structured activities to build skills to prepare for and find jobs. In most cases, a client must agree to participate in employment assistance activities in order to receive financial assistance.  

Employment supports include:

  • Workshops
  • Job counselling
  • Job specific training
  • Volunteer placements
  • Job placement
  • Self-employment/starting a business
  • Addiction services
  • Literacy assessments
  • Access to basic education, so clients can finish high school or improve their language skills

Service Details

Related Subservices

  • Human Service Case Management
    • OW eligibility verification and maintenance
    • Internal audit
    • One-to-one outcome planning and intensive case management
  • Employment Counselling
  • Training and Skills Development
  • Job development and placement

Type of Service

  • Public facing


  • Mandatory, Legislated requirement (by the Province as part of the delivery of OW Program, also required by Anatomy Act, Public Hospital Act, and the Funeral, Burial, Cremation Services Act 2002
  • Discretionary municipal service (some benefits are not required to be provided and are discretionary)

Primary Funding Sources

  • Transfers/Grants
  • The Province pays 100% of client benefits (basic assistance, mandatory benefits and employment benefits). 50% of administration costs are paid from the net levy.
  • Discretionary benefits continue to be capped.

Service Level

  • At standard
  • Ontario Works financial and employment case management meets all provincially mandated targets and compliance requirements under the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  

Service Level Source

  • Legislated
  • Funding agreement/grant covenant
  • Council approved policy/service standard


Performance Measures

Strategic Plan Priority - Economic Prosperity & Growth Healthy & Safe Communities