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Our City

As the ninth largest regional economy in Canada, and fifth-largest municipality in Ontario, Hamilton is home to people of all characteristics, religions, income levels and interests.  It is a blend of urban, suburban and rural living.  Rich in history, Hamilton was incorporated as a city in 1846, making it older than the country of Canada.  Hamilton’s diversity, unique entertainment venues, local events and numerous festivals create a vibrant and thriving culture scene. Surrounded by spectacular nature, including the southern shores of Lake Ontario, more than 100 waterfalls and the lush trails of the Niagara Escarpment, Hamilton is a natural playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

As a global city, the Conference Board of Canada ranks Hamilton’s economy as one of the most diversified economies in the nation with economic growth coming from a broad spectrum of key industry sectors including agriculture and food production, life sciences (bioscience and medical industries) and creative and cultural industries.

Learn more about the story of our city through City of Hamilton data.

Hamilton Census CMA Map


City Wards

The City of Hamilton is comprised of 15 Wards, each with unique characteristics and needs. Learn more about the story of our city through our ward data.

New Ward Map 2018