Trust and Confidence Report

Our Commitment to Our Community

The City’s 2016 – 2025 Strategic Plan, approved by Council in June 2016, has the following components:

  • Vision represents what we aspire to be
  • Mission identifies why we exist as an organization
  • Culture outlines how we conduct ourselves (our values)
  • Priorities provide guidance on where we are focusing our efforts to meet desired outcomes

Our Vision

The City’s vision “To be the best place to raise a child and age successfully” reflects the kind of city Hamiltonians want to aspire to become.

It means having an inclusive community, actively engaged in making Hamilton a better place for everyone. It is creating an accessible environment, supporting residents through all of life’s stages, and one that encourages positive development of children as they grow towards becoming healthy adults and seniors.

Our Mission and Our Culture

The City’s mission, “To provide high quality cost conscious public services that contribute to a healthy, safe and prosperous community, in a sustainable manner”, provides the context for the delivery of City services across all our priorities. Our culture guides the conduct, behaviours and actions to which we hold each other accountable.

The culture of an organization has a major impact on the performance and reputation of an organization. It reflects the City’s values, drives high performance and engenders the trust and confidence of our citizens. Our culture was developed by a cross-section of employees with diverse backgrounds and experiences, from front-line to senior management and was endorsed by City Council through its adoption into the Strategic Plan. The culture revolves around five pillars

We cooperate and collaborate; we support teamwork and breaking down silos. We build relationships across departments and divisions to achieve our objectives and bring the ideas of others forward. Each and all of us understand that what we do affects the work of others and the results we achieve. We are one City with one vision and one mission, serving our citizens and stakeholders.

We build trust and demonstrate integrity in our work. We are direct and truthful individuals, accountable for doing what is right. We can be trusted to perform in an accountable and respectful manner.

We embrace innovation, creativity and risk taking. We support, discuss and proceed with innovative ideas and actions to continuously improve our service delivery. We make evidence-based recommendations.

We are passionate about customer service and service delivery excellence. We take a citizen-centred approach to providing exceptional service in a timely and responsive manner. We communicate in an open and transparent manner, especially when mistakes occur. We take pride in our work as public servants, serving our community. Performance measurement is a cornerstone to our service delivery.

We invest in our employees, support and empower them to improve performance and be accountable for results. We communicate clear purpose and direction, build relationships through ongoing communication, regularly invite input and feedback, and treat employees equitably. We create a work environment where there is continual development, respect and recognition. Our employees are trusted, inspired to do their best work, and would not hesitate to recommend the City of Hamilton as a great place to work.

Our Strategic Plan Priorities

Our seven priorities are a result of the nearly 55,000 resident conversations that took place as part of the Our Future Hamilton: Communities in Conversation initiative that asked one simple question, “What is your vision for the future of Hamilton?” and 3,200 internal staff conversations around what was important to us as an organization.

By adopting the Our Future Hamilton priorities, and adding a seventh priority focused on supporting our employees, the City illustrated its commitment to the achievement of the community vision, Our Future Hamilton.

Community-Engagement & Participation logoOur Future Hamilton, the 25-year community vision, defines “Community Engagement and Participation” as a collaborative place where:

  • People work together and make a positive impact on the community.
  • Citizens are consulted and involved in making the decisions that impact them.
  • A passion and sense of pride for the city exists among residents, driving volunteerism and community-based initiatives.

The desired outcome of the City of Hamilton’s Strategic Plan, under the Community Engagement and Participation Priority is…“Hamilton has an open, transparent and accessible approach to City government that engages with and empowers all citizens to be involved in their community.”

This means the City contributes to achieving the community vision by providing both customer service and community enrichment services that promote civic engagement and civic pride. By removing barriers, information about government operations and municipal services is more readily available and easier to access, resulting in a greater understanding of municipal government and empowering residents to become more involved in decision-making processes that affect them and their community.

Economic-Prosperity & Growth LogoOur Future Hamilton, the 25-year community vision, defines “Economic Prosperity and Growth” as an ambitious place where:

  • People successfully provide for themselves and their families and have opportunities to grow and develop.
  • Post-secondary institutions and businesses collaborate with the City, contributing to the success of our economy.
  • Residents can work in the city in one of the increasing number of quality, well-paying local jobs.
  • A prosperous and diverse local and regional economy benefits all residents.

The desired outcome of the City of Hamilton’s Strategic Plan, under the Economic Prosperity and Growth Priority is…“Hamilton has a prosperous and diverse local economy where people have opportunities to grow and develop.”

This means the City contributes to achieving the Our Future Hamilton vision by providing services that ensure our communities are livable, sustainable and vibrant, through the provision of appropriate land use designations, innovative programs and infrastructure. By doing this, the City is able to attract and retain diverse businesses, leading to employment opportunities for any skill, ability and knowledge level for everyone who can and wants to work within our community. 

Healthy Safe Communities LogoOur Future Hamilton, the 25-year community vision, defines “Healthy and Safe Communities” as a caring place where...

  • People lead happy lives in safe neighbourhoods and friendly communities.
  • We all have access to the services and supports we need to be healthy and active.
  • Our city is safe and inviting, and people continue to work together to take care of and support each other.

The desired outcome of the City of Hamilton’s Strategic Plan, under the Healthy and Safe Communities Priority is…“Hamilton is a safe and supportive city where people are active, healthy, and have a high quality of life.”

This means the City contributes to achieving the Our Future Hamilton vision by providing services that focus on keeping its residents free from harm and that strive to create environments that promote healthy communities and families. Through both proactive and responsive measures, the City can align tailored health and safety services and measures with the needs of its diverse communities, while encouraging individuals to engage in active, safe and healthy lifestyles in a manner that results in a high quality of life, based on their own definition.

Clean Green LogoOur Future Hamilton, the 25-year community vision, defines “Clean and Green” as an environmentally sustainable place where...

  • A flourishing natural environment enriches the quality of life for community members.
  • Organizations take a leadership role and operate in a sustainable manner.
  • Everyone has a deep understanding and respect for the natural environment and its important contribution to our lives.

The desired outcome of the City of Hamilton’s Strategic Plan, under the Clean and Green Priority is… “Hamilton is environmentally sustainable with a healthy balance of natural and urban spaces.”

This means the City contributes to achieving the Our Future Hamilton vision by delivering services in a manner that limits negative impacts to the air, water, soil, flora and fauna and accentuates the health and beauty of both natural and built forms. The connection between natural ecosystems, human health, and local well-being are understood and environmental demands are mitigated, ensuring the needs of today do not negatively impact the future.

Built-Environment InfrastructureOur Future Hamilton, the 25-year community vision, defines “Built Environment and Infrastructure” as a people friendly place where...

  • The quality of life, well-being and enjoyment of its residents influences design and planning.
  • It is easy to get around our city and Hamilton’s transportation systems are well connected regionally. 
  • Hamilton is connected to its rich history through architecture.
  • Public spaces are well maintained and vibrant, with greenspace and attractions for residents and visitors.
  • Neighbourhoods have a variety of homes and amenities.

The desired outcome of the City of Hamilton’s Strategic Plan, under the Built Environment and Infrastructure Priority is…“Hamilton is supported by state of the art infrastructure, transportation options, buildings and public spaces that create a dynamic city.”

This means the City contributes to achieving the Our Future Hamilton vision by providing services that ensure its infrastructure assets (roads, sewers, municipal buildings, etc.) and overall built form are planned, constructed, rehabilitated and maintained in a manner that incorporates best practices, innovative features and are designed to be resilient to the effects of climate change. The City embraces leading edge best practices and green technology, pushing Hamilton to be competitive on a global scale and creating a built environment that is sustainable and safe, connecting its history, its people and its places.

Culture & Diversity LogoOur Future Hamilton, the 25-year community vision, defines “Culture and Diversity” as a vibrant place where...

  • People of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are accepted and celebrated.
  • There is always something to do in Hamilton, with a year-round calendar of events and a thriving local arts scene.
  • All of our downtown areas are bustling centres of economic and community activity.
  • People of all backgrounds, ages and abilities call Hamilton home and have access to the support and opportunities they need to succeed.

The desired outcome of the City of Hamilton’s Strategic Plan, under the Culture and Diversity Priority is…“Hamilton is a thriving, vibrant place for arts, culture, and heritage where diversity and inclusivity are embraced and celebrated.”

This means the City contributes to achieving the Our Future Hamilton vision by providing services that help create a community that brings together all people, cultures and lifestyles, and provides equitable access to safe and supportive environments for all. The City attracts supports and delivers dynamic, innovative and accessible local events and festivals that celebrate Hamilton’s diverse history, culture and contemporary arts sector enriching the quality of life for all residents and tourists.

Our People & Performance LogoOur Future Hamilton, the 25-year community vision, answers the question “What is your vision for the future of Hamilton?” The City of Hamilton is only one partner that is helping to achieve this vision. To illustrate its commitment, Hamilton City Council adopted the six Priorities of Our Future Hamilton into its Strategic Plan. Our People and Performance Priority was added to ensure City employees are able to support the delivery of municipal services to the community, in a manner that illustrates value to the tax payer.

The desired outcome of the City of Hamilton’s Strategic Plan, under the Our People and Performance Priority is…“Hamiltonians have a high level of trust and confidence in their City government.”

There is a belief, by the community, that municipal dollars are valued, and that the administration is delivering municipal services in the most efficient and effective way possible. This means as an employer, we ensure our employees are properly supported and that the appropriate tools and processes are in place to enable the efficient and effective delivery of municipal services to the community each and every day. 

Term of Council Priorities 2018 to 2022

The 7 Strategic Plan Priorities are high-level priorities that support the community vision and that encompass all 70 City Services delivered by the City.

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