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Our Commitment to Our Community

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Our Strategic Priorities and Our Culture

The City of Hamilton’s Strategic Plan

The 2016-2025 Strategic Plan for the City of Hamilton guides everything we do as an organization and illustrates to the community and to our stakeholders how they will contribute to moving our city forward over the next 10-years. It includes the following components:

  • Vision - What we aspire to
  • Mission - Our purpose for being
  • Culture - What we value and how we interact with each other and our residents
  • Priorities and Desired Outcomes - Our focus and goals

Our Vision

The City’s vision statement best reflects the kind of city Hamiltonians want to aspire to become over the next 10-years: To be the best place to raise a child and age successfully.

Being the best place to raise a child and age successfully means having an inclusive community that actively engages in making Hamilton a better place for everyone. It is creating an accessible environment that encourages the positive development of children as they move towards being healthy adults and seniors, supporting residents through all of life’s stages.

Our Mission and Our Culture

The City’s mission to provide high quality cost conscious public services that contribute to a healthy, safe and prosperous community, in a sustainable manner, sets the context for the delivery of City services across all of Our Priorities and Our Culture guides the conduct, behaviours and actions that we hold each other accountable to.

The culture of an organization has a major impact on the performance and reputation of an organization. It reflects the City’s values, drives high performance and engenders the trust and confidence of our citizens. Our Culture was developed by a cross-section of employees with diverse backgrounds and experiences, from front-line to senior management and was endorsed by City Council through its adoption into the Strategic Plan. The culture revolves around five pillars.

Collective Ownership

We cooperate and collaborate; we support teamwork and breaking down silos. We build relationships across departments and divisions to achieve our objectives and bring the ideas of others forward. Each and all of us understand that what we do affects the work of others and the results we achieve. We are one City with one vision and one mission, serving our citizens and stakeholders.

Steadfast Integrity

We build trust and demonstrate integrity in our work. We are direct and truthful individuals, accountable for doing what is right. We can be trusted to perform in an accountable and respectful manner.

Courageous Change

We embrace innovation, creativity and risk taking. We support, discuss and proceed with innovative ideas and actions to continuously improve our service delivery. We make evidence-based recommendations.

Sensational Service

We are passionate about customer service and service delivery excellence. We take a citizen-centred approach to providing exceptional service in a timely and responsive manner. We communicate in an open and transparent manner, especially when mistakes occur. We take pride in our work as public servants, serving our community.  Performance measurement is a cornerstone to our service delivery.

Engaged Empowered Employees 

We invest in our employees, support and empower them to improve performance and be accountable for results. We communicate clear purpose and direction, build relationships through ongoing communication, regularly invite input and feedback, and treat employees equitably. We create a work environment where there is continual development, respect and recognition. Our employees are trusted, inspired to do their best work, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the City of Hamilton as a great place to work.

Our Priorities

Our Priorities are a result of the 54,000 resident conversations that took place as part of the Our Future Hamilton: Communities in Conversation initiative that asked one simple question, “What is your vision for the future of Hamilton?”

These aspirations for our city, as defined by the community for the next 25 years, together with more than 3,200 internal staff conversations, set the stage for the Strategic Plan and identified the desired outcomes we, as the City, will measure our success against.  

Community-Engagement & Participation logo

Community Engagement & Participation

Hamilton has an open, transparent and accessible approach to City government that engages with and empowers all citizens to be involved in their community.

Economic-Prosperity & Growth Logo

Economic Prosperity and Growth

Hamilton has a prosperous and diverse local economy where people have opportunities to grow and develop.

Healthy Safe Communities Logo

Healthy and Safe Communities

Hamilton is a safe and supportive city where people are active, healthy, and have a high quality of life.

Clean Green Logo

Clean and Green

Hamilton is environmentally sustainable with a healthy balance of natural and urban spaces.

Built-Environment Infrastructure

Built Environment and Infrastructure

Hamilton is supported by state of the art infrastructure, transportation options, buildings and public spaces that create a dynamic City.

Culture & Diversity Logo

Culture and Diversity

Hamilton is a thriving, vibrant place for arts, culture, and heritage where diversity and inclusivity are embraced and celebrated.

Our People & Performance Logo

Our People and Performance

Hamiltonians have a high level of trust and confidence in their City government.


Performance Measures

Converting the Strategic Plan to reality will take effort and the Administration is actively working to develop performance measures and targets for all City services that will connect the Strategic Plan with Business Planning and Budgets, ensuring that the right work is being done at the right time, in the best way possible.   

Measures will be monitored to track progress and will help to ensure we stay on track and are continuously improving on the delivery of services each year. Although new challenges and opportunities will always arise and will need to be addressed and considered, these measures and targets will keep us focused on achieving the desired outcomes of the Strategic Plan.

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