Public Health Foundational Standards Profile

The Public Health Foundational Standards support public health strategies, programs, and services to ensure that the work of Public Health Services is informed by evidence and is responsive to local needs and emerging issues in Hamilton. This is done through ongoing assessment of the health of the population, identification of priority populations, applying a health equity lens in program planning, undertaking continuous quality improvement initiatives and maintaining effective organizational practices.

Service Details

Related Subservices

  • Population Health Assessment
  • Effective Public Health Practice
  • Health Equity
  • Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery
  • Organizational Standards 

Type of Service

  • Public facing and Internal corporate service


  • Essential/Mandatory, Legislated requirement
  • Required pursuant to the Health Protection and Promotion Act, Standards for Public Health Programs and Services, Public Health Accountability Framework and Organizational Requirements, and other relevant legislation.

Primary Funding Sources

  • Grants/Subsidies

Service Level

  • At standard

Service Level Source

  • Legislated


Performance Measures

How Much Did You Do? (volume)

  • Total number of evaluation activities conducted to improve effectiveness and efficiency of public health service delivery, per year:  23 (2017)

Strategic Plan Priority - Healthy & Safe Communities