Roadmap to Ongoing Excellence

Municipal Benchmarking Network Canada (MBNCanada), founded in 1998 as the Ontario Municipal CAO’s Benchmarking Initiative (OMBI), is a Canadian organization currently present in six provinces. The City of Hamilton has been a member of MBNCanada (formerly OMBI) since 2003.

The purpose of MBNCanada is to foster and support a culture of service excellence in municipal government by creating new ways to measure, share and compare performance data and operational practices. It is a partnership between Canadian municipalities who believe in the power of data to inspire accountability, transparency and continuous improvement in the delivery of services to their communities.

Partner municipalities identify and collect consistent and comparable data on their municipal service areas, report the findings annually and analyze those results to see how they measure up. But data is only the start.

Partners use the network to discuss results and share their practices and strategies. It often starts with a question—Why did we get these results? How can we improve? What does your program look like?—and ends with collaboration on creative solutions to improve performance.

Partners have used data to support Council decisions, set policy, inform reviews, evaluate programs, support budget recommendations, identify trends, and develop data dashboards. Some municipalities make their data accessible to everyone through open data policies and programs.

This report is the one step towards regularly demonstrating this to our key stakeholders.  This report will be refreshed and updated quarterly as new information becomes available.

The City of Hamilton is committed to excellence in public service. These are some of the priority projects that are currently being completed by the City of Hamilton and their timelines:

2018 Achievements

  • Six new services were added to the Citizen Dashboard in the first half of 2018, there are 11 services in total on the Citizen Dashboard (
  • The first ever Citizen Satisfaction Survey (Our Citizen Survey) was conducted and results shared.
  • Our People Survey (City of Hamilton staff survey) analysis was released. internally.
  • City of Hamilton app launched for iOS and Android.
  • Smart City Roadmap completed.
North west exterior of City Hall

Upcoming in 2018

  • Further demographic analysis about our community is release as an update to this report as additional 2016 Census data is released by Statistics Canada.
  • Citizen Dashboard is enhanced with addition of new services
  • Second year of multi-year budgeting and business planning is launched.
  • Ongoing performance work throughout the organization.

2017 Achievements

  • Collected and reported 2016 performance information as part of the MBNCanada’s 2016 Performance Measurement Report.
  • Multi-year budgeting and business planning launch.
  • Rolling out results Based Accountability throughout the organization.
  • Updating Service Profiles.
  • The delivery of Our Priorities - the City of Hamilton’s Strategic Plan.
  • City of Hamilton’s Citizen Dashboard launched with five services in 2017.