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Storm Water Management Profile

This service is responsible for the collection and transmission of storm water from all properties and roadways within Hamilton either to the natural environment, or to a wastewater treatment facility. This includes all support activities that are performed in order to achieve this service. Proper storm water management is necessary to control erosion, flooding, water quality, and to protect watercourses. This service includes activities performed by multiple divisions within the Public Works department.

Service Details

Related Subservices

  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Storm Water Collection
  • Storm Water Support Services
  • Storm Water Treatment

Type of Service

  • Public facing


  • Essential/Mandatory, Legislated requirement

Primary Funding Sources

  • Rate Budget

Service Level

  • At standard

Service Level Source

  • Legislated


Performance Measures


How much did you do? (volume)

  • Maintain 1149 km of storm pipes
  • Maintain two operating facilities
  • Maintain 185 storm water ponds
  • Hamilton Water  completes approximately 1300 stormwater inlets and outfalls per year which helps minimize flooding.  These inlets and outfalls as inspected periodically throughout the year and the sensitive inlets and outfalls are inspected before and after a major rain events

How well did you do it? (Quality)

  • Metrics under development, shared collaboration with HW/Roads/Operations. Timeline for Q1, 2019

Is anyone better off? (Impact)

  • Hamilton Water’s Sewer Lateral Cross Connection Program has corrected 291 cross connections across the city, which has resulted in approximately 143,500 litres of sewage being redirected from City watercourses and the natural environment into the City’s wastewater treatment facilities each day.
  • Pollution prevented from entering the natural environment and natural wildlife habitats protected.
  • Erosion in creeks and streams mitigated.
  • Safe passage for motor vehicles within design parameters for road drainage.

How much did you do? (volume)

  • Maintain 1149 km of storm pipes
  • Storm water collected and treated with sewage at the wastewater treatment plants: 6,156 ML
  • Maintain two operating facilities
  • Maintain 185 storm water ponds

Strategic Plan Priority - Clean & Green Built and Environment & Infrastructure