Taking the Pulse of the City

Images of residents displaying their vision of Hamilton cards

Our Future Hamilton

Our Future Hamilton is the city’s new 25-year community vision. Between April 2015 and April 2016, residents and community stakeholders were asked a simple question: “What is your vision for the future of Hamilton?” The priorities, hopes and dreams from nearly 55,000 people were gathered using the principles of public engagement developed by Hamilton’s Engagement Committee.

The community vision is organized in six community priorities with 81 key directions and 57 signs of success.

  • Community Engagement and Participation
  • Economic Prosperity and Growth
  • Healthy and Safe Communities
  • Clean and Green
  • Built Environment and Infrastructure
  • Culture and Diversity

Achieving the city of our future will require all residents and stakeholders to work together.  The City of Hamilton is only one stakeholder in achieving the community’s vision.  To ensure that the City was working towards the same vision, using the community aspirations as the foundation, combined with input from more than 3,200 staff conversations at all levels of the organization, the City adopted the six community priorities as the priorities of the Strategic Plan.

Our Future Hamilton Community Vision replaces Vision 2020, Hamilton’s first community vision developed in 1992. Vision 2020 helped our community make significant progress in the areas of arts and heritage, reducing and managing waste, improving air quality, improving water quality and protecting natural areas.

The new Community Vision builds on the legacy of Vision 2020, making it clear that residents, organizations and various community stakeholders have an important role to play in shaping the future of our city.

Making Hamilton’s Community Vision a Reality

Four key components have been identified for implementing the Our Future Hamilton Community Vision. These components will help guide us as we continue to work with residents, community partners, City of Hamilton departments, and elected officials in moving forward Hamilton’s 25 year community vision.

  1. Community Engagement  - We will engage the community as key contributors to the success of Our Future Hamilton Community Vision.
  2. Achieving Actions - We will continue to encourage and support collective efforts that contribute to the Our Future Hamilton Community Vision.
  3. Recognition and Celebration - We will recognize and celebrate residents and partners for their contributions in making the Our Future Hamilton Vision a reality.
  4. Reporting and Evaluation - We will measure and evaluate progress towards implementing the Our Future Hamilton Vision.

Our Citizen Survey

In early 2018, the City engaged residents of Hamilton through a random telephone survey and through an online survey posted on the City’s website. The survey will help the City  better understand the needs and perceptions of Hamiltonians. It will help identify  areas for improvement in City service delivery, quality of life and wellbeing. These survey results  will create a baseline  about satisfaction with City services. Collecting a baseline is important so that when the survey is repeated in future years, results can be compared to the baseline and the City can see where progress has been made and where work still needs to be done.    

This is Hamilton’s first citizen satisfaction survey. Results of the survey will be shown on the Citizen Dashboard in the summer of 2018.  TheCity plans to conduct  this survey  again in future years.