Trust and Confidence Report

Traffic Services Profile

Providing access to Hamilton’s roads is an essential public service that enables road users to travel to destinations to carry out their daily activities. Most components of this service are required by Provincial legislation. This service includes:

  • Design, install, inspect and maintain traffic signs, signals, and pavement markings. Programing of Traffic signal timings and corridor improvements.
  • Investigating, analyzing and recommending solutions to provide improved traffic road safety and operations throughout Hamilton. 
  • Administration of the Hamilton Strategic Road Safety Program.
  • Collision safety analysis and review.
  • Administration of Red Light Camera existing and future locations.
  • Automated Traffic Management System development and implementation including Transit Priority implementation, Freeway Management System and roadways system operations.
  • Pedestrian Crossover investigations, ranking, design and installation.
  • Preparation of traffic neighbourhood plans.
  • Preparation of Municipal Class Environmental Assessments (EA) for road, bridge and transit projects resulting from Master Plans and other City initiatives. Follows strict EA legislation protocol and public consultation to be successfully finalized.

Service Details

Related Subservices

  • Traffic Signals, Traffic Signs and Traffic Pavement Markings
  • Traffic Engineering and Road Safety
  • Environmental Planning

Type of Service

  • Public Facing


  • Essential/Mandatory, Legislated requirement
  • Required pursuant to the Municipal Act, Environmental Assessment Act, MEA 2000, amended 2007 and 2011, Planning Act, Places to Grow, Official Plan, Highway Traffic Act, Manual of Uniform Traffic Control devices.
  • This service provided is legislated to provide a safe and reliable transportation network and to link to a Provincial transportation network.
  • Roadways are maintained according to the minimum maintenance standards - Ontario Regulation 239/02, Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways, established by the Province.

Primary Funding Sources

  • Capital Budget
  • Net Levy
  • Reserves

Service Level

  • At standard. Response times to trouble calls meet the legislated mandate, Ontario Regulation 239/02, Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways.

Service Level Source

  • Legislated
  • Council approved policy or service standard


Performance Measures


How much did you do? (volume)

  • Inspected 19,203 traffic regulatory signs
  • Installed 21 Council approved pedestrian cross-over’s (PXO’s)

How well did we do it?

  • Completed 100% inspection of the regulatory signs
  • Installed 70% (21/30) of the planned PXO’s in 2017

Is anyone better off?

  • In 2017, 22% of the overall traffic complaints received were related to traffic signs.  Inspecting regulatory signs, and addressing deficiencies throughout the year, will mitigate the number of the complaints received. 

Stretigic Plan Priority - Economic Prosperity & Growth Healthy & Safe Communities and Built Environment & Infrastructure