Trust and Confidence Report

Message from the City Manager

Image of Mike Zegarac

As times change, so must cities. More than ever, we need to focus on how well we deliver services, continuously improve our performance, and provide our citizens with the level of accountability and transparency they deserve. This report highlights the services we provide as a City, and identifies the commitment our teams are making to ensure the citizens of Hamilton see value in City services. Our goal is to review this report and update quarterly, sharing this information with citizens so that they understand where we are experiencing success and where we have work to do.

Using the City’s 2016-2025 Strategic Plan as a guide, our employees proudly serve Hamiltonians through the effort they put forward daily. Together we are working to bring Hamilton City Council’s vision to life – resulting in a city and a government we are all proud of.

As City Manager, I am responsible for providing leadership and guidance to staff on the efficient and effective delivery of municipal services to the community. And together, we are working to ensure that the appropriate governance and processes are in place to support not only the delivery of the services, but also to monitor and continuously improve them so they continue to meet our citizens' needs. This is our commitment to you, and this report is one of the ways in which the City is demonstrating that commitment.

Mike Zegarac
Interim City Manager  


About the Report

The City of Hamilton’s Trust and Confidence report combines community and demographic information, as well as service related performance measurement (where available).  

This report includes:

  • Community Trends related to socio-economic information such as population, demographics, housing etc.
  • An overview, including information on the City’s 2016-2025 Strategic Plan and an update on our Financial Management Plan
  • An up-to-date overview of City services
  • Performance Measures (where available)

The City of Hamilton began shifting to a consolidated performance measurement framework in 2017. The City is standardizing to use the Results-Based Accountability (RBA) framework. 

RBA is a disciplined way of thinking and taking action that communities can use to improve the lives of residents and the community as a whole. RBA can also be used by governments to improve the performance of their programs and services and helps communicate one’s performance story in plain language. RBA is about the way we work together to make life better and is based on asking three simple questions:

  • How much did you do? (volume)
  • How well did you do it? (quality)
  • Is anyone better off? (impact)

This report is a work in progress; updates will be made quarterly to selected sections, including service profiles, where available, as the organization continues to develop more robust performance measures.


Have a question or suggestion about the report, or service delivery improvements? Email us with your feedback.