Trust and Confidence Report

Trust and Confidence Report

As a City, we are committed to ensuring we are an open, transparent and accessible City government. The Trust & Confidence Report is just one of the ways in which the City is demonstrating this commitment.

This annually updated, web-based report includes:

  • the story of our city through community, economic and demographic data, including trends related to population, community health, real estate, housing, income etc.
  • City service information and service performance (through service profiles).
  • information on the City’s finances.
  • overview of corporate strategies that are in place to support the efficient and effective delivery of city services, influence decision making and ensure appropriate governance to continue to meet the needs of our community (referred to as Strategy & Performance Excellence). 

The Trust and Confidence Report, first published in January 2017, is a work in progress and will continue to evolve. In support of the City’s open data program, all data contained within the report will be recreated in open data format over time. Annual updates, which take place between January and March each year, focus on adding the previous year service performance data to the service profiles.

Questions about the Trust and Confidence Report?

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