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Hamilton Municipal Cemeteries is one of the largest municipal cemetery organizations in Canada, serving families for over 150 years (first burial was in 1850). We operate 69 cemeteries across the greater Hamilton area.

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  • Auld Kirk Cemetery
    Kirk Road, South end of Hendershot Road, Glanbrook
  • Barton Stone United Cemetery
    21 Stone Church Road West, Hamilton
  • Bartonville Cemetery
    1955 King Street East at Bell, Hamilton
  • Bethel Church Cemetery
    4457 Bethel Church Road, Ancaster
  • Binbrook Baptist Church Cemetery
    3056 Binbrook Road, Glanbrook
  • Binbrook United Church Cemetery
    3025 Cemetery Road, Glanbrook
  • Binkley Cemetery
    At the end of Lakelet Drive, off Binkley Crescent, Hamilton
  • Binkley Hollow
    DesJardins Avenue, Dundas
  • Blackheath United Church Cemetery
    2326 Haldibrook Road, Glanbrook
  • Book Cemetery
    281 Book Road East, at Highway No. 6, Ancaster
  • Bowman Cemetery
    876 Garner Road East, Ancaster
  • Burkholder United Cemetery
    41 Mohawk Road East, Hamilton
  • Burlington Heights
    York Boulevard, near former Old Guelph Road
  • Carlisle Anglican Cemetery
    Behind 318 Carlisle Road, Flamborough
  • Christ Church, Woodburn Cemetery
    20 Ridge Street, Glanbrook
  • Cline Cemetery
    58 Highgate Drive, Stoney Creek
  • Cooley-Hatt Cemetery
    22 Legacy Lane, Ancaster
  • Copetown Cemetery
    1925 Governor's Road, Ancaster
  • Dyment Cemetery
    2910 Governor's Road, Ancaster
  • Eastlawn Cemetery
    2280 Barton Street East, Hamilton
    Eastlawn Cemetery Map (PDF, 231 KB)
  • Felker Cemetery
    120 Mud Street West, Stoney Creek
  • Flamborough-Rockton Cemetery
    East Side, Old Highway No. 8, Rockton, Flamborough
  • Fruitland Cemetery
    631 Highway No. 8 at Fruitland, Stoney Creek
  • Garden Lane Cemetery
    181 7th Concession Road, just west of Garden Lane, Flamborough
    Garden Lane Cemetery Map (PDF, 213 KB)
  • Garner's Corners Cemetery
    520 Southcote Road, Ancaster
  • Glanbrook Cemetery
    4350 Binbrook Road, Glanbrook
    Glanbrook Cemetery Map (PDF, 71 KB)
  • Grove Cemetery
    129 1/2  York Road, Dundas
    Grove Cemetery Map (PDF, 226 KB)
  • Hamilton Cemetery
    777 York Boulevard, Hamilton
    Hamilton Cemetery Map (PDF, 345 KB)
  • Hannon Free Methodist Cemetery
    1957 Highway 53 at Fletcher, Stoney Creek
  • Harkur Lyon Cemetery
    39 Forestview Drive, Dundas
  • Hopkins Family Cemetery
    686 York Rd - south side of York Road, between Old Guelph Road and Highway No. 6 North, Dundas
  • Jerseyville Cemetery
    141 Field Road, Ancaster
  • Lamb Cemetery
    South Side of Highway #8, 1.5 km east of Sheffield, Flamborough
  • Lynden Cemetery
    969 Lynden Road, Ancaster, Ancaster
  • Mount Albion Cemetery
    25 Upper Mount Albion Road, Stoney Creek
  • Mount Hamilton Cemetery
    260 Rymal Road East, at Upper Wellington Street, Hamilton
    Mount Hamilton Cemetery Map (PDF, 341 KB)
  • Mount Zion Cemetery
    244 Copetown Road (Highway No. 52), Flamborough
    Mount Zion Cemetery Map (PDF, 215 KB)
  • Mountview Gardens Cemetery
    735 Highway No. 8, Stoney Creek
    Mountview Cemetery Map (PDF, 155 KB)
  • Myers-Bradshaw Cemetery
    1910 Book Road West, corner of Alberton Road and Book Road West, Ancaster
  • Nisbet-Vansickle Cemetery Behind
    61 Lynden Road, Flamborough
  • North Glanford Cemetery
    9050 Dickenson Road West, Glanbrook
  • Olmstead Cemetery
    405 Dicenzo Drive, Hamilton
  • Parkside Cemetery
    31 Parkside Avenue, Hamilton
    Parkside Cemetery Map (PDF, KB)
  • Patterson Cemetery
    51 Vanderlip Road, Ancaster
  • Ryckman Family Cemetery
    1505 Upper James Street, Hamilton
  • Salem Cemetery
    Salem Road, within the boundaries of The John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, Glanbrook
  • Sheffield Cemetery
    East side Seaton Road, Flamborough
  • Smith Family Cemetery
    128 Kennedy Avenue, Hamilton
  • Smith's Knoll Cemetery
    70 King St. West, Stoney Creek
  • St. Alban's Anglican Church Cemetery
    27 Rockton Road - Hwy #8, Beverley, Flamborough
  • St. George's Anglican Cemetery
    Hannon 1307 Rymal Road East, Hamilton
  • St. George's  Anglican Cemetery
    651 Mud Street, Stoney Creek
  • St. Paul's Anglican Cemetery
    3865 Upper James Street, Glanbrook
  • St. Peter's Cemetery
    534 Mohawk Road West, Hamilton
  • Stoney Creek Municipal Cemetery
    2860 King Street East, Hamilton
  • Swayze Cemetery
    Regional Road No. 56, 1 km north of Golf Club Road, Glanbrook
  • Tapleytown Cemetery
    385 Mud Street, Stoney Creek
    Tapleytown Cemetery Map (PDF, 66 KB)
  • Trinity Cemetery
    12 Trinity Church Road, Hamilton
  • Troy Cemetery
    2175 Highway No. 5, Flamborough
  • Tweedside Cemetery
    1145 Mud Street East, Stoney Creek
  • Union Cemetery
    60 Osler Drive, at Ancaster Street East, Dundas
  • Van Dusen Cemetery
    216 Upper Mount Albion Road, Stoney Creek
  • Vansickle Cemetery
    Jerseyville Road West, 5 km east of Lynden Road, Ancaster
  • Waterdown Union Cemetery
    9 Margaret Street, Flamborough
  • West Flamborough Presbyterian Cemetery
    Corner of Highway #8 and Middletown Road, Christie's Corners, Flamborough
  • Westover United Church Cemetery
    1368 Concession 6 West, Flamborough
  • White Church Cemetery
    White Church Road, at Hampton Brook Way, Glanbrook
  • Winona (Fifty) Cemetery
    1465 Highway No. 8, Stoney Creek
    Winona Cemetery Map (PDF, 139 KB)
  • Woodland Cemetery
    700 Spring Garden Road, Burlington
    Woodland Cemetery Map (PDF, 324 KB)
  • Young Family Cemetery
    1499 Upper Wellington Street, Hamilton

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