Grief Resources

Coping with loss is different for everyone. Each person deals with grief in vastly different ways, but no matter how you grieve, you don’t need to feel alone. At Hamilton Municipal Cemeteries, we have a variety of resources available for grief and bereavement support, which you can utilize at your own pace, at the right time

What does grief feel like

Grief is a different experience for every person and so is a reaction to the emotional, physical, social, and psychological changes after a passing of a loved one. However, there are some standard symptoms of grief, such as:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Feeling fatigued, irritable, and tired
  • Feeling empty
  • Having a hard time concentrating
  • Feeling anxious
  • Feeling helpless and frustrated

These symptoms are completely normal, but through constant support and the right tools, you can gain an understanding of your grief, while finding the coping options that work for you.

Additional resources

The Hamilton Public Library has a number of books and resources available for children and teens dealing with death and grieving that may help. Additionally you can reach out to the resources below.